ImproteK music software: ImproteKjazz


ImproteK is the name of a music improvisation software. This site is devoted to the use of ImproteK in various musical contexts and more generaly to the relations between improvisation and technology and their place in social practices. ImproteK was created in 2009 at CAMS-EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) in collaboration with IRCAM. Its is curently developed by Marc Chemillier (CAMS-EHESS) and Jérôme Nika (IRCAM). It also contains Max patches by Georges Bloch, Benjamin Lévy, Laurent Bonnasse-Gahot and a kernel written in Lisp by Gérard Assayag for an older software named OMax (version 2.0). It relies deeply on the Antescofo object implemented at IRCAM. The main issue addressed by ImproteK is idiomatic improvisation based on a regular pulse. Thus it deals with repertoires such as jazz, traditional music and electronic music which are in some sense associated with dance. The development of ImproteK cannot be separated from fieldwork made with professional musicians in order to collect expert jugements about the software outputs. We work more specifically with French jazzman Bernard Lubat. This project has received a grant from EHESS's Research Funds in 2014 and a previous one from the French National Research Agency, Project ANR-09-SSOC-068 IMPROTECH in 2009-2013. It is now associated with the ANR-14-CE24-0002-01 Project DYCI2 2014-2018 and the "Augmented jazz" project granted by the Aquitaine Region 2016-2017.

Performance videos

Charles Kely (guitare-chant), Marc Chemillier (ImproteK)
Uzeste, April 9, 2016

Bernard Lubat (piano), Marc Chemillier (ImproteK), Fabrice Vieira (sound processing), Jaime Chao (drone)
Uzeste, January 1st, 2016

Sojerina played by Velonjoro (zither) and Marc Chemillier (ImproteK)
Majunga (Madagascar), July 10, 2014

Handful Of Keys (Fats Waller) played by Louis Mazetier (piano) and Marc Chemillier (ImproteK)
EHESS seminar at IRCAM, Paris, June 4, 2014

D'ici d'en bas (B. Lubat) with solos by Bernard Lubat (keyboards) and Jérôme Nika (ImproteK)
Novart Festival, Bordeaux, November 16, 2013

Solo on Blue In Green (M. Davis) by Marc Chemillier (ImproteK)
working session at Uzeste with Bernard Lubat, February 24, 2013